We don’t get old, we rust

From today’s Chosun Ilbo

Last night the rain was beyond torrential and even Momo, who doesn’t give a rip about what goes on outside, was taking notice.  It was actually quite windy – almost as much as the last tropical storm?  and I had to rescue the chives sitting on the ledge, as they were totally drowned.  Thought it would let up, but it’s about 18 hours later and it still hasn’t let up.  And the word is it won’t let up until Thursday.

So the road outside my apartment is often like the photo above (well, not THAT high) and if it’s raining, even my 3″ platform PU zorries aren’t high enough to keep my feet dry.  It’s kind of a steep incline, so where I live the storm-sewer grates, instead of taking IN water, are gushing water OUT.   The trip to school was a bit unusual today, though, as much of my path was strewn with rocks that had been picked up and carried with the runoff, along with lots of silt.  Road crews were scraping the stuff up like snow.  There were some surprisingly big rocks in there!  The size of a football…Then, walking to school was interesting because the water was only one foot below the high water mark and the entire thing was a rushing churning river of milk chocolate.

And people were telling me the monsoons had officially ended a week ago…

I think this rain business is really fun.  I like monsoons.  I will miss them in Vegas…

5 thoughts on “We don’t get old, we rust

  1. Vegas, we will practically be neighbors. I live in the inland empire only about 4 hours away.

  2. Inland Empire is such a funny name – sounds like such a grand expectation it couldn’t possibly realize!

    So buckets and BUCKETS of rain continue to fall and I have NO WATER! Main must have broken somehow. I hope a neighbor has called, as I can’t…dreaming of a shower…

  3. i laugh too about inland empire. the name is quite funny. i live in san bernardino county which is the largest county in the usa and is about half the land mass of south korea. much of the county is desert with most of the population living close to los angeles county border.
    with all that rain couldn’t you collect some in a bucket? i use to take shower like that.

  4. “with all that rain couldn’t you collect some in a bucket?”

    ha ha ha! That would be too sensible!

    Except there are very few buckets in Korea – shallow washbowls, yes. And I’d have to put it out in the driveway, as I have no balcony.

    Once I get to Vegas I will buy a bucket…and do a rain dance!

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