Just got finished watching some of the worst Korean movie ever, Dragon Wars or Dwar.

According to IMDB, it cost an estimated $70,000,000 US to produce, making it the most expensive movie in Korean history.  And, it’s so bad it’s not even bad-good.  It’s actually incredible how bad it is!  It’s similar to Water World in that respect.  Like the Costner movie, its director is famous and talented (as a comedian and actor) so everyone gave him carte blanche as a director.  Huge mistake…The dialog and acting was so simple and, just BAD, I was shocked when I found out the movie was made in 2007 (though the CG seemed way too sophisticated for a film from the 90’s)

Imagine how many starving kids in Africa and how many unwed mothers you could help keep their babies with $70,000,00!  Hmmph!

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