I kinda have a problem…

I indulged my kids too – just could never say no if they felt neglected!   Please forgive me if I don’t email & blog as much for a little while, as I figure out what to do.  I’m sure she’ll decide I love her more than the computer one day, or that the computer is boring and too hot…I totally forgot how much attention babies demand…I think the key thing is that their attention span is really short, (such as, stopping mid-play to take a bath, and then falling asleep mid lick…) so I just have to learn to break up what I want to get done into small sections when she’s preoccupied.

But it’s so nice to have some living thing want/need me so much, and to always want to be next to me, touching me somehow.  Everyone should have something like this in their lives.  Yayy for bonding with animals!

4 thoughts on “I kinda have a problem…

  1. She’s striking. I like the bits of red mixed in. My momma cat is also a tiger striped but with unusual stripes and those same stocking feet.

  2. Hahahaa! Remember when i put pigtails made out of yarn on the sides of the computer monitor and named it “Sara” because you were giving it all of your attention? This reminds me of that! Your kitty is sooo cute, I can’t wait to meet her!

  3. …and remember when every time David wanted to nurse you suddenly had to go potty? hahaha….

    of course I remember that monitor. I remember saving the pigtails and putting them on the next monitor, but it was never the same…just goes to show what a witty kid you were!

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