4 thoughts on “ahh, esl education in Korea…

  1. This was generously shared by some elementary school teacher who took the time to video it! We don’t get anything nifty like that at the high school level…

    Notice all the English mistakes in it as well. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they get the point across.

    Other times English is not so successful, like the sign for porno pizza I walked past this weekend and the apartment building I saw on the way home that was called, We’ve.

    But at least they’re on their way to having a second language, which is something America can’t say.

    I just watched a movie on California’s Proposition 8, and I now think we look every bit/more backwards than all the other developed nations…

    Speaking of farts, one of my students frequently has intestinal upset and it always manages to make all the desks behind him move meters in all directions, so that his desk is standing by itself. This kid is also the class clown and a major ham. He says in this loudest voice,”Teacher! I have gas! I am so embarrassed!” Even the Korean teachers participate in this mad scramble! What can I do for the kid? I just say, “I know. They will forgive you.”

    The kids speak the most when they are having fun giving their classmates a hard time, putting them down. They suddenly know English then…

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! Its so interesting to see the differences between Korean and US messages about gender roles here, and about bodily functions and gender & bodily functions…plus that song at the end is just begging to be sampled.

    the US is totally backwards and moving steadily in the wrong directions, it’s absurd that we pompously inform other countries that they need to catch up to us in terms of liberty and equality. here’s one latest sick example

  3. ha ha ha ha ha! I thought the exact same thing about the sampling!

    That’s horrible about Alabama. I hope all the immigrants can find a way to move out of that state. Their educational system is renowned for being horrible anyway.

    I wouldn’t say the U.S. is totally backwards. But the U.S. has a huge amount of backwards people. I still think the constitution is genius and it’s a great experiment. More and more I think that greed of a few is what undermines everything granted us by the constitution. I wonder how the founding fathers would re-write the constitution if they saw how moneyed interests have subverted the mechanisms used to allow the constitution to evolve? I mean, I think that not wanting to share is half of many of the problems in the U.S. on the ignorant level, and the easiest justification for perpetuating racist policies.

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