After spending all last week working ’round the clock on web-related adoption things, with more of the same to face me, I just kind of shut down.  After sleeping most of Friday night I woke up at the same time as always and decided to clean.  And then couldn’t stop. And something about living in this shoebox kind of just made something snap in me and I decided I HAD to have more space.

So this is what I did!  I did something radical and moved my wardrobe into the kitchen so I could have that much more wall space – and snap!  What a difference!

continuous wall of table!

And then I moved the kitchen table into the living room and now my painting space is in front of natural light and all the painting supplies store underneath on the former rolling t.v. cart – 10 feet of continuous surface!


The kitchen is now the dressing room, which is really awesome because it’s that much closer to the washing machine.  Not only is my room more spacious, but the kitchen is more spacious too!  SPACE.  space.  space.  It’s such a rare thing in Korea. (it’s MUCH more spacious and tidy-looking than in the photos, and more functional too)

I kind of just feel I’m cleaning up – everything.  School’s a slam dunk.  I’m constantly doing stuff, and yet I’m not feeling oppressed by it. I’m doing what I can and no more, and that’s okay.  It’s also nice to have made my peace with Korea and to understand which adoption battles are mine and which are others’.  The rest of my stay in Korea is going to be just fine, even if I never get received as warmly as I’d hope – it’s okay.  I have a home, and it’s within me.

2 thoughts on “procrastination

  1. Space! it looks great! it kills me that i cant come over anymore :( and i love that you still have your e-mart-uh foxy lamp :)

  2. It would look even more spacious without the mats – but should I get a wild hair to play my exercise video, then I’m ready…As for foxy: It will be hard to say goodbye to him when I leave!

    I see you survived finals – what’d you do for spring break? Beach-ie?

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