Random observations about Korea

The second winter is over, and the sun is so harsh it’s time to drag out the sun block.

There’s no grass.  And no lawn mowers.

You rarely see white hair on old folks.

Dust bunnies in Korea always have black hair in them.

All the hair combs are wide-toothed.

Male pony-tails seem to be the counter-culture class of 2000 here in Korea like it is for America’s class of 1980.

People are so freaked out about water contamination they won’t even rinse their mouths with tap water after brushing.

Nobody’s told Koreans that flossing is more important than brushing.

The middle class have decided Chevy’s are a status symbol, because they’re an import they can afford.

In the country, people think nothing about parking at an angle at intersections, blocking the pedestrian access to the sidewalks.

Helmets are a rare sight for motorcylists or cyclists unless you have a touring bike and matching spandex.

All the low-budget t.v. commercials use Mario Bros. type computer game sound effects.

Nobody leaves voice messages because they cost the sender money.

Coffee isn’t for breakfast.

Hand ground coffee tastes better…

Toilet seat protectors do not exist.

Nobody cinches up their laces on their sneakers and ties them tight – except me.

Will add more as I think of it.

2 thoughts on “Random observations about Korea

  1. i have never seen a korean floss. my friend said that his friend, who’s a dentist, flosses at the table in the restaurant as soon as he is finished with his meal, but i’ve yet to witness.

  2. They sell it at the stores, though. I think it’s for emergencies only…Im my lessons about every day English, we covered all the things you do to brush your teeth, and when I mentioned how flossing was the most important thing (which I, too, still rarely do-old dogs are hard to teach new tricks to) my co-teacher was like, “Really???” And then I tried to explain about gingivitis and receding gums and tooth sensitivity due to enamel loss as a result of plaque build-up where toothbrushes can’t go, and it dawned on me that it was the first this grown woman had heard of it.

    I’m pretty sure most Koreans brush just to make sure spices & fibers aren’t embarrassingly stuck in their teeth while talking. Maybe it’s a form of planned obsolescence by Korean dentists? Cosmetic dentistry is big business, so maybe repair takes precedence over health…

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