more malicious compliance

So last Wednesday I went to a FedEx/Kinkos to ship off my DNA sample for testing.  I was only given a return envelope, but no return International waybill.  And instructions which referred to the U.S. Embassy.  What?  So I had to ask for further instructions and was told – just charge it to our account number and send to the address in the Embassy letter.

Did NOT strike confidence in my heart.

Got to FedEx and nobody spoke English at the desk.  And then finally they had me fill out a form and then a customs declaration from, which I couldn’t complete as I didn’t know the value of my dna sample.

Anyway, Thursday I hear from FedEx that I should have filled out more forms.  After me complaining about making a four hour round trip just to fill out forms I could have filled out while there before, they emailed the forms to me.

The forms are for customs.  They want to know:

  1. species of the product
  2. country of origin
  3. intended use
  4. description of the product

I explained how it wasn’t a product, but a service, but the bureaucracy obsessed Korean FedEx girl says I MUST fill out the forms, even though the testing company says they ship internationally all the time and never have to fill out these forms.  Anyway, after many emails I got really irritated and told them to work it out amongst themselves.  I’m just the client who followed everyone’s directions and shouldn’t have to be subjected to this.  As far as I know it’s STILL sitting in the FedEx office in Seoul.

But I did kind of have fun with the form:

  1. species – human
  2. country of origin – Korea
  3. intended use – document possible ethical violations
  4. description of product – human cells

Could have a lot of fun with this…alien, uranus, biological warfare, bomb, ha ha ha!

Regular mail would have been so much easier and, with this hold-up, almost as fast!

2 thoughts on “more malicious compliance

  1. 1.species – human of origin – Korea
    3.intended use – document possible ethical violations
    4.description of product – human cells
    this is so cute, you made me laugh. i wonder if the girl got it.

  2. Ha ha ha! It was ignored!

    She was too busy passing the buck saying the U.S. Customs demanded this for commercial transactions.

    Meanwhile, it’s almost a week later and it’s STILL at FedEx. Each and every person on each side speaks past each other and doesn’t do what needs to be done. It’s so classic, I’m just sitting back bemused, watching how something so stupid can become such a mess.

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