Is there anywhere free of this shite?

So today I went and google’d “younger sister Korean” just because I forgot how to spell it.  I skipped the first Yahoo answers citation because in the second citation “bowel movement…dong” caught my eye.  (aw come on, it would catch your eye too)  Why would those be in the same post?

One look and I knew exactly.  It seems that in forty + years since my similarly piss-poor how-to-care-for-your-Korean-orphan manual, adoption agency handbooks for parenting Korean children hasn’t changed much (okay, about twenty more words) – it’s just been transferred to pixels instead of ink is all.

drill down to its home page, and it gets even worse. Figuring prominently, just below the banner in huge type:

You may be eligible for

a $13,170 federal tax credit

No Waiting Period After Approval

No Foreign Travel Required

Your baby will arrive at LaGuardia or JFK Airport in New York City.

We place healthy infants who receive personal care from foster mothers before placement

And!  You can learn all you need to know about how to care for and help your Korean child adjust in one 3-hour seminar…

Oh, and please send us a donation…

It’s a good thing we can’t be crated and shipped in boxes…(which, btw, is essentially what Harry Holt did to infants on the first orphan flight – white cardboard boxes with air-holes, so the babies could be stacked)

I don’t know about you, but I’d have SERIOUS RESERVATIONS about ANY of the over 4,000 parents who answered an advertisement like theirs.  Answered and received.  And no doubt donated.  Just gross.

The subsidized purchase of human beings is another matter altogether…

5 thoughts on “Is there anywhere free of this shite?

  1. is that thing about babies being shipped in cardboard boxes with holes punched in them for real??

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