Hope they will search

These days, that’s what unwed mothers giving their babies all seem to say.  They give up their babies because they have no options and they hope the babies will grow up, come back, and search for them.

Now, what are the odds they will be able to do that?

Also, the unwed moms are telling us that the adoption agencies are telling them that they will have a better chance of reuniting with their children if they give up their babies to international adoption.

Better chance.  Does Holt tell them about the 2.7% reunion rate?

I just had the privilege of viewing some photos for a future exhibition of unwed mothers who gave up their babies.  They agreed to have their face photographed to improve the odds that when their children search one day, they can more easily be found.

How brave and sad and fucked up is that?

A few months ago Jane translated my on-line Holt family registry at Holt Korea.  Because, you know, you post your photo and bio in your native tongue and they don’t translate it.  So these moms had better learn English, French, Dutch, German, Danish, and Swedish…’cause who knows which country their child was sent to.  Most adopees don’t even know an on-line registry exists at Holt Korea’s website, or that there is a difference between Holt Korea and Holt International…

Even the adoption agencies can’t keep track.  Supposedly Jane was sent to the Netherlands…

What gets me is – how can anybody see any of this and still justify international adoption?  How?

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