Reunion Update

Kim Sook Ja is excited and anxious to meet! I just sent her a personalized review of our shared history. This is the person Holt said they had to protect – from me! OF COURSE she wants to know that earliest information too…

Thank God Holt Korea slipped up, as they obviously had zero intention of giving me any breadcrumb to reach her. Why would the people who possibly separated a sibling group want to provide an opportunity to prove that unethical practices occurred in the past? The catch 22 of not being allowed to contact her because we’re not family on paper, and not being able to prove whether we are or aren’t family because we need to contact each other to be able to do so has been absolutely maddening…

Holt International did call and say someone from her orphanage thought she might be her sister – after I fought hard for that – but did they give her any background information so she could make an INFORMED DECISION? Will find out soon enough, but I’m dubious, given the no answer with Holt vs. the happiness with my adoption search angel. Isn’t it ridiculous that they had to have a meeting to decide whether or not they should ALLOW that? Isn’t it ridiculous that they only had that meeting after I went public with my story? Isn’t it ridiculous how things change when the court of public opinion comes into play and when an organization realizes they should cover their public relations (and legal?) bases by appearing cooperative?

Every single foundling should be sent their full files. Nothing reserved. Nothing withheld.

Every siblingship relation should be encouraged and assisted, and questionable separations investigated and all possibilities exhausted. Siblings at that age don’t relinquish each other. Siblings don’t sign contracts preserving privacy due to the shame of their actions.

It is not the past which angers me. It is the disrespectful way in which we adoptees are treated today, still at the mercy of this organization’s “benevolence.”

Kim Sook Ja seems like a wonderful person and I can’t wait to meet her!

4 thoughts on “Reunion Update

  1. Sincerely with all my heart it is her that you are looking for. What a gift it will be at this time year.

  2. As ecstatic as I am for you, I also believe that you are making things better for those that come after.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    As for making things better: one would hope, but this is the company that sent me registered mail to stop emailing them…

    I keep thinking of KAD to KAD, looking for her best friend Min Lin, who is also outside the loop of this inside information, held by company bureaucrats living by policies that conveniently protect them. They follow the letter of the law, but even though there is room for more humanity on their part, since the law obviously doesn’t cover cases like ours, it doesn’t seem as if they care to exercise that.

    She hasn’t gotten much in the way of real help, either.

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