You don’t know me but

Dear A.B.,

You don’t know me but your public information says you might be related to the only person in Washington State who has the same birthday as my possible sister.  Is S.B. Korean, by any chance?  If yes, please give S.B. the attached documents with background information as to why I believe we could be siblings, and inform her that I live in another country, mean only to confirm my own history, and have no intention to disrupt her life other than to derive the truth of my own history, and any and all actual contact would be entirely up to her discretion.  I ask her to help me confirm or disprove this possibility, merely because the not knowing disturbs me daily and I want to find peace, finally close this upsetting chapter, and move on.


Dear Korean radio station/t.v. station,

Many Koreans in Korea searching for family don’t have any way to look for Korean children who they’ve lost in America.  Also, many Korean moms have emigrated out of Korea and their American children returning to Korea don’t think to look abroad for them.  If you could make little public service announcements of these family searches, it might reunite families and heal a lot of broken hearts.


Dear Oregon legislature,

Oregon law is written to protect the privacy of relinquishing mothers through a passive registry system.  In the case of possible siblings separated by adoption, there is no way to confirm biological connections except through the adoption agencies which separated the children to begin with.  In the case of possible siblings, there is no third party confirmation that efforts at contact were really made or that the circumstantial reasons for possible sibling relationships were presented to the adoptee in question.  I see this as a conflict of interest when the same party who possibly engaged in unethical practices separating the siblings are the only party allowed to make contact.  Because there was no contract to restrict contact between the two children, nor any reason that contact would ruin the social status and reputation of the other child, the argument that adoption agencies give of protecting one child from another seems ungrounded.


Dear Holt,

I can condemn the extent to which your organization overstepped the ethics and human rights of thousands of children, because you were misguided by missionary zeal and your good intent run a muck.   I recognize that was in the past and I can’t do anything to change the damage done.  However, the fact that you CONTINUE to impact my life with your inhumane and self-serving policy allows me to blame you for oppressing me today.

Because you were not forthright, honest, or compassionate in your post adoption services, I believe you are in breach of not only the intent of Korean Post Adoption Services law, but also all human decency.  Shame on you and your entire organization for your protectionist practices.

There is only one place for Christians who harm in the name of God.  And it starts with the same letter as Holt.

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