Thursdays are awesome

Today I had the privilege of hearing Christy Namee Ericksen’s spoken word poem entitled, “What would Harry Holt Do?”

I need to find a way to contact her and get permission to share it or link to it or something, as everyone on the planet should hear it.

In the meantime, get thee to THURSDAYS which is a Korean adoptee poetry collective.

click on the image to get to the site


They’re awesome.  And I normally can’t relate to poems, but I feel these.

And they’re good.

2 thoughts on “Thursdays are awesome

  1. Oh thanks – I’d actually already found that and contacted her! But it is good you posted that for anyone else interested. (my bad)

    She wrote back and told me I could share it, only I wanted to support her effort legally and get a link or where to buy it, etc., and haven’t heard back since, so I don’t know if that means she’s okay with free distribution or not.

    I’ll try her again…if it’s okay with her, I’ll try and transcribe them for you.

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