posturing with weapons now

As I was attempting to eat a new dish at the duck restaurant, yet only able to order a fish hae jang guk due to being a single person, I knew something crazy was up by the repeat news footage of something burning somewhere off the coast called Yeonpyeong-do.

Sure enough, it was North Korea artillery being fired on a South Korean island.  Of course, I’ve no idea whether or not there were casualties, or what the status is.  But I was just issued a state department alert.   It’s not a good time to be in the Navy in South Korea, since most of the tension seems to be in that arena.


Two military dead, fifteen civilians injured.

2 thoughts on “posturing with weapons now

  1. The consensus is it is just posturing and won’t escalate.

    I’m flattered you came here first! But you should go to CNN, because I’m notoriously late when it comes to breaking news!

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