Been busy

Launched the new group project, Transracial Eyes

It’s a collection of some questions that have been asked by various people and that we are collectively answering.   If you know of anyone who would like to submit questions to transracial adoptees, there’s a link at the site.  Also, if you are an expressive transracial adoptee writer, please contact me there.  We hope to be a diverse place and represent both domestic and international adoptees of all races.

Re-edited the A Collection of One video.

This time it has a more fitting song, recommended by my friend Miwha, and is meant for Korean audiences.  Better edited, it is also a minute longer and individually features all 76 of the adoptees who sent us their referral photos.

Here is Miwha’s translation of the song, lightly copy edited by myself:

거리에서 On the street / by 김광석


거리에- 가로등 불이 하나 둘씩 꺼지고

One by one the street lights go off

검붉은 노을만이 나의 곁을 스치면

The sunset glow is spread out by myself

왠지 모든 것이 꿈결 같아요-

Everything seems to me like a dream

유리에- 비친 내 모습은 무얼 찾고 있는지

what is my own reflection off the shop window looking for?

무얼 말하려 해도 기억하려하여도

I don’t know how to put it and I should remember

허한 시간만이 되돌아와요–

Empty times return (this is where we came in)

그리운- 그대 아름다운 모습으로

I miss you my love, you are so beautiful !

마치 아무 일도 없던 것처럼–

As if nothing had happened

내가 알지 못하는 머나먼 그것으로 떠나버린 후-

You are  gone far away;   I don’t know where you went

사랑의 슬픈 추억은 소리 없이 흩어져

The sad memory disperses no sound

이젠 그대 모습도 함께 나누 시간도 더딘 시간 속에 잊혀져가요–

Increasingly the event recedes into the dim past (your face and the time of you with me)


My understanding is that this isn’t about han like the last song, but about deeply irretrievable personal loss.


This weekend saw two live acoustic sets until 10 pm (one was really good! – kinda like that 10cm group)  and then danced  to some awful mixes until about 4 a.m. until a friend got hustled for money by wanna-be gigolos.   En route to being hustled, I danced with a Cuban in the streets of Seoul.  Around 4:30 am ran into the Cubano again with all his gyopo friends, and, upon finding out I was an adoptee, one really nice gyopo’s  first words were: “Oh man.  I really respect you. ”  Did the planets shift alignment or something?  Is the world possibly getting better / catching a clue?  He gave me his digits.  Will definitely follow up.  Gyopos are the best.

Too hurting to make it to Gayageum, slept until 1pm and then met the TRACK crew for their annual board dinner.   Since there’s only two more lessons until performance, I’m wondering if I’ve handicapped myself too much to continue…Anyway, after the dinner went out dancing salsa with our main benefactor flown in from Provence, Greg.  Met his wife and daughter the previous Wednesday, and they were awesome.  Was a treat to see a well-behaved kid for a change.  More dining out with Greg & Jane and then back to Cheongpyeong by nightfall.  Greg couldn’t decide if he liked Makkolli or not, but I think it grew on him by the end of the evening.  Greg left after visiting my school in the morning and sitting through morning broadcast, after which I walked him to the bus stop for a day of hiking.

Tonight I gotta mock up a planner, do some copy editing, and create a few days worth of morning broadcasts.  For some reason I feel like I’ve been gone two weeks this weekend, and I saw my students today and was so happy to see them.  It was so amazing to have human contact this weekend.  I fear crashing hard over the next week.  Because you know, the work helps but it’s just no substitute for people.  And I’ve got a lifetime of people void to fill.

2 thoughts on “Been busy

  1. Thanks, Sona!

    The students at the hogwan will be creating a Korean internet presence for us, so I hope it reaches more people. The real battle is changing the hearts and minds of the sending (exploited) countries…

    As for the AP’s – I’ve little hope for them, but I do have hope for PAPs…gotta at least try…

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