let the children suffer our secrets

You know, one color-blind world is adoptee boards.  We’re all just our circumstances there.  And domestic adoptees the world over are all incredibly sympathetic to international adoptees struggles and complications.  So I want to take a moment and let people know that they, too, experience having their basic rights violated.  And then there are those Korean adoptees who are subject to those same basic rights violations in the U.S. because they too live in states with closed adoption records.  And we all of us, ALL of us have amended birth certificates.

Big deal!  What does it matter if your birth certificate is amended or not?  Well, it’s a big deal because they were originally amended to protect the adoptee from discrimination.  NOT to protect the parent’s identity the way it is used today.  This was based in the same kind of thought as Korean secret adoptions:  shame and fear of the stigma of exposure.  If there is any justification to this fear, I just find it ironic that we protect the perpetrator of abandonment and we don’t protect the children from abandonment.  Our priorities seem kind of backwards.  But in America, it’s not the birth mothers who want protection.  It’s the adoptive parents who want to keep the fact of their birth mother erased.  Anyway, the fact is studies show these fears are unfounded.  People just want to know their truth.  But that’s illegal in most states.

But Yayy for PBS and their series on adoption, as they will soon be playing the following movie:

And another short film by the same director, Jean  Strauss


I’d like to share all of the compelling videos with you posted on the movie’s website, but you should go there for yourself and check them out.

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