Harvest Moon

Chuseok is finished and back in school.

Last week I mentioned that summer was over, but I was wrong.  Of course after I mentioned that, we had several more rains and several really hot days.  Chuseok itself and the day after was marvelous – like the hottest day of a Seattle summer – but nice and dry and moderate for here.   Today, however, it is cold enough to wear a sweater.  Today I can say summer is really truly over.

Foreigner friends came to visit and it was really nice!  No set schedule or plans or hurry to be anywhere.  Just hanging out and some leisurely walks in the ‘hood, relaxing by the river, spending an evening in a local bar, making kimbop, walking around the area, picnicking, picking cosmos, and conquering the slippery stepping stones across the river.  Aside from a really disturbing movie we rented, it was a perfect weekend!  So wonderful to be adoption free!

The singer is called Yozoh, and she’s guest singing with Sogyumo (small) Acacia Band.  Small Acacia Band is just a little too sedate for me, as is some of Yozoh’s stuff, but her voice here has just enough texture to make its sweetness more interesting in this rendition of Neil Young’s song — which seems somehow more appropriate sung by a feminine voice.

Back in school and the students are preparing for another mid-term.  It seems like every month or so there’s some big thing they’re being tested for – which means a lot of desk warming for foreign English teachers but a good time for strengthening future lessons.  While this job is certainly challenging at times, I think it also has a lot of perks to it and the salary is quite fair.   Sometimes when I hear what some of these other foreign teachers are making, working for businesses or running their own schools, it just sounds like highway robbery to me.  So maybe it’s a good thing I’m NOT Caucasian, (in that those kind of jobs aren’t hiring Korean-looking foreigners) because I wouldn’t feel good being that kind of capitalist.

Now, if I could just manage my time better…

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