6 thoughts on “what the hell

  1. Wow, I’ve got my own little cheer group on the side-lines! How nice and also bizarre…

    Gotta keep them expectations low, though, for good health!

  2. The optimum time to learn another language is before the age of 13.
    Even after 4 years I still thought in english BEFORE I responded in Korean.
    I knew many PCV and only a handful spoke Korean fluently..and that required an enormous amount of effort.
    In Thailand it appears to be common among farangs to speak Thai and I noticed that when my friend spoke Thai there was no visible sign of appreciation.
    In Korea. almost always, the Koreans responded at my LIMITED Korean speaking ability with approval…
    A story:
    The last time I was in Korea was in 1997. Went to Chinju with a couple friends and ended up at a National Park,.
    I needed a cap and proceeded to the ajuma vendors and I could see the terror in their collective eyes as I approached.
    As soon as I spoke Korean they were VERY happy and as I bartered a price for the cap they eventually wanted to give me the cap for free. I declined and paid a fair price.
    I do wish you luck and when you do learn to speak Korean and I KNOW you will, a whole new world will open up for you.
    All the best….

  3. That sounds beautiful. May that happen to me!!!!

    But if my gyopo friends’ experiences are any indication, because we look Korean people get annoyed when it’s wrong or sounds different…

  4. Right and I believe you mentioned this in a previous post. Koreans EXPECT you to know Korean for the reasons you stated.
    No doubt, because you are a bright lady, one of the things you will learn to say in Korean is a brief explanation as to why you don’t speak Korean, YET and that you are studying etc etc……
    Most will understand.
    But I guess the decision you will have to make is how much effort you want to make in learning Korean IF you intend to leave soon?
    Actually, considering your circumstances, you have done very well to have survived for so long in Korea,,…

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