4 a.m. soma

It’s almost 4 a.m. and I’ve been channel surfing for hours.  I really need to find some company.  I’ve still got another 2 years minimum before I can financially leave this place.  I hope I don’t go insane before then.

Adoptees:  I know you want to come back and find your family and find your roots and learn about Korean culture.  But take my advice:

  • Don’t work at a public school where you’ll be THE ONLY FOREIGNER
  • Don’t work in the country where you’ll be THE ONLY FOREIGNER who isn’t white or black
  • Don’t work in the country where there are no Korean lessons
  • Don’t come alone
  • Don’t wait until you’re 45
  • Do act, look, and dress yourself because that’s the only thing that’s sustainable and because it’s our right as an exiled foreigner.
  • Do learn Korean ahead of time

There are, actually, more opportunities to learn about Korean culture in America than here in Korea.  Because the cultural things offered are more accepting than thecultural things offered here, which are only to promote tourism, very superficial, and expensive.

Somewhere, on another continent in another country where I can speak the language, in a couple years, there is someone who will want to keep me company.

O.k. Maybe now I can sleep.

2 thoughts on “4 a.m. soma

  1. “Don’t come alone.”

    The wisest piece of advice, ever. I made a huge mistake when I went back to Taiwan in that I didn’t have any friends.

    I’m not sure if it was more alienating to be surrounded by a language I could barely speak, or simply in the fact that I didn’t have anyone who could speak in remedial Mandarin or fragmented English. :\

  2. Yes. You really need one person you can communicate with. It’s like being alone on an island, but perhaps more frustrating.

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