5 things about you

from the first hour of my evening conversation class last week…

Power Pizza (they think this is a very hilarious name)

  1. My dream is beatboxer
  2. My hobby is sing
  3. I like English (very)
  4. I’m seventeen years old
  5. I love you   :-P   k.k.k.  (joke)

Joyful Janny

  1. Old is 17
  2. My nickname is pig (she has zero problem with this nickname)
  3. My hobby is reading
  4. I favorite food is Japchae
  5. I like cooking

Mustard Mychee

  1. I’m very hot!!! (he’s so NOT hot!)
  2. I like chickin
  3. I like hamberger
  4. I like store
  5. I like cats!!!!!

Jolly Jessica

  1. I’m beautiful girl
  2. I like Choi Ho Sin
  3. My hobby is listen to music
  4. My boyfriend is handsome
  5. I like shinee  (I read this as bling, but actually it’s SHINee, a singer)

I actually have 20 students, 2 groups of 1o.  Reports are they’ve had a blast.  The English teachers are very happy.

Tonight is my 4th class with them.   Last class I gave the first class ethical questions.  I was aghast to find out ALL of the students would keep money they saw someone drop!  The second class I made a suggestion box and had the kids fill out anonymous cards with complaints/suggestions on how to improve the school.  I found out we have no school nurse and no permanent art teacher!  The kids want an assembly hall and a wider cafeteria, so they don’t have to eat in 3 shifts.  Hmm!  Sounds pretty reasonable to me!  And of course, there’s the daily lack of toilet paper and soap that drives everyone insane…

Every other class we just play games, so tonight is pictionary.  Must make my own cards.  I ordered a real game, but it won’t arrive for who-knows-how-long.

It’s really weird to leave school at 9 pm, at the same time as the students…

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