Advice to white men removed

I’ve removed the previous post, Advice to white men, because a reader identified the blogger in question.

I’ve just too much on my plate to deal with a gender politics battle with a blogger and/or his fans.  I’m sure he has many valuable things to share on his blog, but just because someone is sometimes onto something doesn’t mean he should get blanket approval. The post in particular just left an eeww-ick feeling with me, and this was an attempt to try and figure out why.  I would never call an individual with an identity an asshole, so once his identity was revealed I felt it only respectful to take the post down.

4 thoughts on “Advice to white men removed

  1. That sucks, since I liked that post and it sounded like his original post was one covered in a big slimy layer of eww-ick and quite deserving of a call-out. I did want to say, though, that I am a grown-up woman who likes toenails painted all different colors. So there

  2. yeah, but ONE toenail?

    It looks like a mistake, or someone ran out of time…and a black or purple, etc. big toe looks like someone dropped some furniture on it or something…

    Reminds me of the time I smashed my thumb and how it looked before the nail fell off…

    Not attractive!

  3. Yeah, that sounds stupid. I thought the toenails in question were just each painted a different color.

    Why would just painting one toenail be an indicator of a girl to look for? Nevermind, I probably don’t want to know.

  4. The multi-colored rainbow toes were the only example of Korean toenail polishing I could find, even though the one toe thing is everywhere.

    You see a lot of this on hands as well. Very bubble-gum.

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