peeling back the onion

So while looking for a salvage yard in Korea, I ran across this:

click on the image to go to the link

So many things you can do with used LPG tanks.

I always get soooo excited when I see anything like this in Korea.  Art doesn’t have to be in a gallery, surrounded by pretentious snobs.

I guess Korean blogs are the way to go if you want to learn about Korea – makes sense, right?  I get around the language barrier by looking things up in a free on-line translator, then typing in the hanguel into a google IMAGE search.   Voila!  Then, Willie showed me the nifty Google translate function, which sometimes helps, especially with navigation.

God, I wish I didn’t have to work and eat and sleep…

2 thoughts on “peeling back the onion

  1. I do the same thing, except through my sister’s Wretch network. One thing I’ve learned is that if you hover the mouse over a link, you can sometimes get the gist of it by looking at the bottom left corner of your screen – the URL will usually hint at what the link is about.

    And then it gets to the point where you know where/what a link is because you’ve done it so many times… XD

  2. We can do this for the immediate future, but the people who standardize url’s recently decided that forcing the whole world to write English url’s is discriminatory. So in the near future we will be seeing more and more url’s that have no clues as to the content, unless you can read the native language. I’m sure commercial sites interested in global trade will continue to stick to English url’s, though…

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