OK.  Nobody who’s ever met me can ever accuse me of not trying.  EVER.

What can I do to get out of the house, that costs less than $100 a month (including travel), that is a social activity NOT related to adoption or language that will not destroy my liver like most expat activities?  That’s in English?  That is viably close and accessible?

Things I’ve thought of and dismissed:

photography – inadequate camera / not social / but like

hiking – bad knees / too social & crowded

salsa dancing – claustrophobically small scene of bad dancers / will drink – costs $

yoga – great but nothing nearby and not that social

pilates – great but nothing nearby, not that social and $$$

where is a rowing club??? and why don’t any of the gyms have rowing machines ???  And is it realistic to join a club two hours away that does?

art classes – in Korean / can this be social??? $$$ and NO I don’t want to do adoptee art therapy!

sports team – ha ha ha ha ha

language exchange – great if you want to be hit on by people who don’t tell you they’re married and it’s too much like my day job and I don’t learn anything.

culture classes for foreigners – short, superficial and $$$ – anyone know of any REAL classes?

film – in Korean / not that social / but like a lot

riding a bike – too solitary / but like if it’s not too hot

live music – WHERE??? /  love jazz and singer-songwriters, but this could get really expensive

other things I like to do require a car and are too solitary – I’ve had to create a whole world of solitary pursuits so that’s all I know.

The puppet lady both loves me and thinks I’m a pain in the ass.  But maybe I could help her work on Chuncheon’s fall puppet festival…as soon as I get my phone back I’ll text her.

Maybe Miwha can help me, though I know she’s also bored out of her mind and she is place-bound by feeding & scheduling her kids.

There’s a gapyoung jazz festival coming up (when?) that I should see.

Maybe a dance class of some sort.  Can I follow when all instructions are in Korean?  Or do I go to an expat class?  I REALLY don’t want belly dance or hip-hop that’s been turned into K-pop routines.  Maybe some ballet, jazz, or traditional Korean dance.  I suppose African dance in Korea is pretty hard to find…

I wonder if there’s a museum/gallery tour group.  There seem to be hundreds of small museums and galleries but it would be more fun if a group went.  Maybe Miwha can help me find some obscure interest group that doesn’t mind having to explain things to a foreigner…

If only I had a car I would ferret out intangible treasures of Korea and drive on the weekends to meet them, but of course I can’t speak Korean so that would probably end up a disaster.

If I had the money I’d take that film class…

If I had the money and could speak Korean I’d take an advanced level sewing class.  Maybe I could audit?  Can you audit classes in Korea?  I know Koreans are always taking continuing education classes.  But I think the language kind of shuts me out of that. But surely, some of the community classes I could get by visually?

I really NEED to take some web design classes.  I wish these were available here in English.  But that doesn’t sound very social.  I’d kill for an English language community college about now…

Anyway, open to any other ideas.  I gotta get outta this apartment, and I have to get away from adoption all the time, and I have very little money to do this with.

5 thoughts on “brainstorming

  1. Good idea!

    Thursday I’m going to the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation and hoping there’s an intangible asset there giving a class. Maybe I can find access information there, as I am all about craft.

    I was disappointed I couldn’t control the level of craft in A collection of one.

  2. Oh, if I were still in Korea I’d come visit and we’d sit over steaming pots of that crazy delicious chicken stew with the ddeokbokki & potatoes, I can’t remember what it was called, and become friends. And we’d explore our sameness and differentness and marvel over the jagged course of our lives. I hope you find some recreation soon.

  3. Recreation! I’d forgot about that. All work and no play is definitely making me grumpy.

    Next time you’re here, Raina, you’re on: only can we keep the “A” word to a minimum? and I’ll trade you my ddeok for your potatoes…

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