Let it be

I always follow goat trails, taking the same path, the one of least resistance.  Same holds true in Korea.  I take the train because the ride is beautiful and comfortable.  Privileged me, I don’t care that it costs a thousand won more or that it doesn’t leave as often.  I’m a creature of comfort.  I always got off one stop before the terminal station because it was more convenient (or so I thought) to the subway line I typically (also a goat trail) take to get to TRACK meetings.

However, one time going to meet Jane to scout for art installation hardware, I calculated that the terminal station would be a better choice.  Terminal stations are nice because one doesn’t have to set ones phone alarm and/or risk missing your stop.  So I slept like a baby and woke up to this:

Close your eyes and imagine waking up to this.  It’s just the most peaceful experience.  You walk off of the train and the crush of people doesn’t bother you at all.  Lovely.

Now, whenever I can, I always take the train to its terminal station to sleep like a baby and gently wake up.

(thanks for the link, Joyce!  I chose another one because the other sped up and was missing the last note)

Added note:  Hey Jude is not part of the Korail terminal train experience.


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