Things to like about Korea

All of us (those I talk to) who are foreigners who are not white and not a couple living in Korea have to go through this exercise often just to stay afloat.  Here’s my list for today:

  • street vendors
  • the food
  • being able to purchase anything at the Family Mart convenience stores with your T-money transportation card when your bank account is empty and so are your pockets
  • public bathrooms everywhere, and I agree with my commenter, t-hype that the stall privacy here is superior to everything in the west.  Not only are the stalls gapless, as she mentions, but they are also not 6″ off the floor, but maybe 2,” so you also can’t see other people’s feet or they yours.  I mean – it’s REALLY private.  There are also miniature toilets in some special stalls for the kiddies, that look just like mom’s.

Post Interruption…

  • never having to write a check ever.

3 thoughts on “Things to like about Korea

  1. -public transportation
    -free samples at grocery stores
    -synchronized salutations
    -internet banking
    -dry cleaners (who woulda thunk right?)

    what else did we come up with?

  2. eh, that’s good enough for right now.

    Never writing checks and just being able to direct deposit into anyone’s account without filling out forms is pretty awesome.

    what are synchronized salutations?

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