Laying it on the table

From one trusted non KFTRA recruiter that I actually told the whole story to:

Thank you for sending me this email.  Wow…you certainly have a situation that is far from average!  I wish I could say comforting and encouraging things, but you seem to be very familiar with the uphill battle you have in terms of getting a job here in Korea, particularly in a limited geographical area.

So, the majority of schools that we work with are only willing to hire caucasian female teachers under 35.  The exception to that it usually public schools, however that option is obviously not one that will work right now.  I think your best bet will be to continue to contact people and to search high and low for opportunities, perhaps a few part-time opportunities to put together.  You probably won’t get much help from recruiting companies. I think a direct hire is more realistic since the attitude that schools take is, “If I’m going to pay a recruiters, I expect XYZ…”
What we will do is try to send your application to any schools that would possibly be a match, but we don’t have too extensive a network.  We will see what we can do, but please continue to exercise all options in the search.
It’s nice to know not ALL recruiters are a**s.
But, as you can see, the situation is pretty bleak.   I hope Mr. C. of X recruiting company is enjoying the success of his desire to kill my livlihood.  I still don’t understand how anyone’s heart can be so black, and to know an entire public school system has compromised ethics is really disheartening.

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