I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Well, actually, I got up and now once I sit down I can’t get back up!  (It’s a long ways from the floor to standing)  How the hell does someone hurt their back just standing up???

It’s my anti-mojo in Korea, striking once again…

Maybe I need one of those ubiquitous hiking poles.  But really, it looks like I’ve already incorporated a pole whenever I walk.  Hopefully, this is just a muscle problem and not a slipped disk.  Jane gave me a topical analgesic patch, (so sweet!) but it’s only taking the edge off.  With all this down time, I’ve spent all day looking for jobs again.  Today’s survey resulted in these:


Female F2 Visa holder or F4 Visa(half asian) holder


Female F2 Visa holder or Mixed F4 Visa holder


North American Female Teachers will be preferred:  because there are kindergarten students

(Korean’s Cultural trait, we can not help it)


E2 and F2’s all say, Oh!  You’ve got an F4!  You’re practically GOLDEN! (because we’re allowed to teach privates legally)  Yeah right.  Willie and I are discovering it’s the kiss of death. I’ve probably sent out  about 50 resumes and only heard back from 3 people.  Maybe I need to join a goddamned church to get a private.  (no offense to Christians – I just don’t believe God + religion is a healthy combination for man or planet)

Five more weeks of this and if I can’t find something viable, then I’m going to have to tell Korea to kiss my ass and move somewhere less prejudiced for work.  To be shut out by my own race is just dumbfounding.  Excuse my attitude, but living in a Kafka novel tends to do that to a person.

Thailand is sounding real good about now.  In fact, I should apply because their positions also start in March.

5 thoughts on “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  1. uh, God bless Korea?

    Almost all the black folks and kyopos I know work for public schools…the other ones are mostly at CDI or Pagoda. (Aside from those who are qualified to be professors.)

    I wanna say, “Don’t give up on Korea!” but I totally understand why a lot of people do. :(

  2. I completely understand you and are with ya 100% of the way. i’m also an f4 with teaching credentials who’s barely getting by with privates, while my white neighbor is picking up camps and landing multiple job interviews with a tourist visa.

  3. ah, my multi-cultural brothers and sisters – I’m glad you’re here and I appreciate your support!

    It’s just so bizarre to be experiencing second class citizenship from my own race BECAUSE of my race! I mean, really, shouldn’t Koreans be disturbed by this and be examining themselves a little?

    Is it self-loathing? Do they really want to be white? Is the nationalistic talk overcompensating for some secret longing? How deep is their inferiority complex? Where is the line between love and hate here, and why am I caught in the middle of it? I mean, what’s going on???

  4. the only thing i can think is that the average populace out here is still stuck on a pre-literate mentality of taking things for exactly what they APPEAR to be. ie., people who LOOK white can speak English…they’re from russia? but they’re white…OF COURSE they speak english!

    my friend told me she went to lotte world the other night and was suprised that ALL the performers were white. she asked her (korean) date what that was all about and he’s like, “Koreans like looking at white people.” ROFL!!! Me and her were both thinking, “yeah, like at the zoo!”

  5. Maybe they think white people own all the stock in English. I’m sure they don’t trust that yours or mine is “as good.”

    There’s so much fantasizing going on with love of white teachers. I think it has to do with growing up in a monoracial culture. What gets me is totally socially inept ‘tards get exoticized here. I suppose that’s why they’re here.

    Ha ha ha! I saw the ads last year for joining that performance group! If memory serves me correct, being white was a prerequisite! I was thinking the same thing about the zoo…

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