undeliverable as addressed

I meant to post this two weeks ago.  The letter to Kim Sook Ja got returned, with the following stamped note,”undeliverable as addressed.”

Holt blew it with the insensitive way they handled my case.  Instead of being forthright about about all the documents they had and then exploring every possibility and giving me the opportunity to extend an invitation to her, they call her up from out of the blue and say some unnamed person thinks she’s your sister, without any background information.  I’d run screaming in the opposite direction too.

Well, I did all I could this year, so I feel a little more at peace.  Maybe in a year or two when I can afford a more thorough private investigator, she will feel differently.  Kim Sook Ja deserves to know the circumstances behind her abandonment and the odd way in which our fates were documented as one.

In the meantime, may all the grateful Korean adoptees – working for the industry and hell bent on whitewashing everyone else’s stories – go to hell.  The records, wrestled out of the adoption agency’s clutches, tell another tale.

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