Coming up for air

Avoided email and been watching Kmovies one-right-after-another over the holidays.

I’ll be damned if there isn’t a movie about teenage pregnancy where the young parents decide to KEEP the baby against everyone’s wishes and guess what?  Everyone manages to GET OVER IT.

Jenny, Juno

Released in 2005, I wish this got tons more airplay in Korea.

(at  first I didn’t think the download worked, but actually it’s just slow to first load)  The kids look like my students, except of course these kids have no acne, no weight problems,  none of them are being rude and disrespectful to their teachers, nobody’s beating anyone up, and they seem to have plenty of free time…


Wikipedia says it did surprisingly well at the box office, and there are some interesting comments on the movie at imdb.  There were some accusations that the writer of Juno plagiarized the idea adding in the adoption option, which the writer denied.  The refreshing thing about this Korean movie is extra-familiar adoption was never considered by the children or their parents, and that the boy steps up to the plate to take responsibility for his actions.

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