home basement home

Mrs. Kim's kochujang and dwenjang pots in my yard
The little garden area outside my door
This is the condensation drip under my gas heater's vent
A little Korean kitchen, minus the yet-to-be-acquired gas stove
the karopi rug has a new home
the condensation looks pretty in this picture but doesn't feel so pretty when it drips on you
A Korean shower room - note the high tech washing machine!
quite possibly the largest, shortest, bathroom in Korea - ceiling is at about 5'-4"
without shelves, the floor will have to do - note my "couch" a Japanese padded folding seat.
As you can see, life revolves around the power strip and the blessed humidifier.
Thank God I bought those fold-out sitting mats this summer, or I'd be sleeping on only floor right now!

There’s a billion photogenic street scenes of my neighborhood to come, as soon as I can brave a few hours running around in the cold.  Right now it’s 4 a.m. and I should crawl under my new moving pad, er, blanket, and get less than three hours sleep.  Two more half days of test test testing to go.

5 thoughts on “home basement home

  1. You know, you told me that the apartment you ended up taking was lacking in character… but I think it’s super cute. I especially like the bathroom. Wish I was there to hang out with you in your new apartment!!!

  2. Well, it’s okay. I was just sad I lost the other place, which was cozier and more traditional looking, which a nicer garden and above ground. BUT that place didn’t have Mrs. Kim, so I’m happy with the place I got.

    On my budget, basements are about all I can afford, and this is the best basement we looked at. I wouldn’t mind having a rooftop too, but I know they are cold during the winter.

    Certainly my place has 200% more character than that stupid officetel. I honestly don’t understand why people want to live in those. Sure they are sleek and have all the best appliances and finishes, etc. But really, they’re not much better than communist housing blocks. Felt like a jail cell. I will add a photo of the hallway here when I get home, which shows just how devoid of character and LIFE they are.

    Yeah, now that I’m getting past the loss of the other place, my kitchen and bathroom seem very cute to me now! And supposedly the flowers in front of my basement window are very beautiful in the spring.

    I hope you and David can come visit me sometime too! You’ll both be finishing school about the same time, so maybe after…

  3. As much as it probably feels like less, it seems nicely not complex.

    On your landlady – I went through many years of mom-like relationships with several older women – trying to make up for losing mine. They made a great difference in my life and I miss them.

    The bathroom reminds me of a basement bedroom I had as a teenager. It was thin plywood over framing sitting directly on wet mud. To this day I have no tolerance for dampness because of it.

  4. The kitchen is awesome. It looks like someone of our height might actually be able to reach everything in those cupboards!!!

  5. Hey your new apartment looks super! It does have so much character. It reminds me of the place I used to live in when I lived in Itaewon(Kyung-ni-dan). I am glad that I could help you out by giving you the cooking utensils. Take care!

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