Some snippets of Q&A where I let the kids practice their asking skills, from the last day in regular classrooms.

S.  Teacher, do you know my name?

T.  Awwwwwww.  No.  I WISH I did.  I’m sorry. I remember all your faces! (and then I had to explain how I see over 600 of them, but only once a week, and how I wish I saw them all more so I could remember.)


S.  Teacher, are you going to leave?

T.  Yes.  I will be leaving.

S.  Don’t you like it here?

T.  I like the students.  A lot.

S.  We’ll be better!  Please stay!!!


S.  When you read a newspaper, what is the first page you turn to?

T.  Whoa!  You are amazing.  That is an amazing question. (teacher applauds)

I turn to the world news section, but honestly I don’t read the paper much.  Friends tend to send me links to interesting articles.


S.  May I ask about your t.v. documentary?

T.  Of course, thank you for asking.

S.  What do you hope for finding your sister?

T.  I think she deserves to know that her story has more information too, so that’s the main reason.  I also know that the adoption agencies lie to adoptees and their Korean families, so if she is my sister and I can prove it with DNA testing, then I can prove adoption was not done ethically in the past.  I want to improve things for Korea’s future children.

S.  (nods head)  Thank you.


S. What would you become, if you could be a student again?

T.  I would combine anthropology and  documentary film, because I think people and cultures are fascinating and I would like to record them before they disappear.

(students all gasp with amazement)


S. What do you think about our school lunches?

T.  You know, someone in every class asks this!  I think they are not great.  But they could be worse.

S.  What could be worse?

T.  Well, there is an awful lot of what we call “mystery” meat…

(students all murmur ” mystery meat” hoping to remember it)


S.  What do you think of our principal?

T.  To be honest, I’ve only spoken with him twice, so I can’t judge his character.


S.  What games do you play?

T.  (is that a cute question or what – and they’re so serious about it!)

Well, I don’t have much free time, so I can’t spend all the time it takes to play RPG games or most games.  So I only play quick games once in awhile like Tetris

(student nods his head as this seems acceptable)


S.  Why are you chewing gum?

T.  (busted!  the ONE time I do that, and I’m called out on it)

I just ate something I didn’t like and didn’t have time to brush my teeth.

(student nods his head and is satisfied with the answer – phew!  close call!)


S.  Teacher do you love me?

T.  Of course.  I LOVE YOU!



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