Autumn in Korea – 10/21

Unfinished post – supposed to be about fall fashion, which I never finished

I’m loving the weather right now:  it’s clear and sunny during the day, and crisp and cool at night – almost cold.  I haven’t turned the heat on yet, as I’m enjoying being slightly cold, and spend my evenings sitting up in bed with the blanket half over me.

Went to purchase warm clothes this weekend, but now I remember why I managed to make it through last winter with the insubstantial items I have.   I remembered this morning when I walked into the over-heated teacher’s office and instantly had to peel off my jacket.   It’s going to be a sauna this winter, and now I’m realizing what I really need is some way to stay warm only for the walk to and from work.

I spent an outrageous amount on a thin black cardigan from, of all places, E-marte.  This after spending nearly the entire weekend carefully scouring each and every market stall at each of the four huge department stores in Dongdaemmon.  What I didn’t realize was that the clothing sold at E-marte was also sold in market style, so that it is possible to negotiate a lower price if you frown enough and look hesitant enough.  Although it appears to be like a real department store, each area (like misses or young professional, etc.) are really separately operated.  The sales people at these sections have stickers pre bar-coded with lower prices, and they will just put a new price over your existing price-tag for when you go through the check-out line.  I don’t think I’ve ever in my life spent so much on a utilitarian clothing item, but it was so basic to pulling together everything I have, and I have learned that there is such a huge selection and shopping is such a pain, that if you see something that works you should just get it right then.  It’s a one time only opportunity, basically.

The search for a basic coat was not so successful.  I’m longing for a Carhardt jacket, actually, or something that looks like it.  Something that will go over the extra fat gangster type hoodie I also spent way too much money on.  Plaid shirts seem to dominate the racks right now, and I was looking for one that I could belt and also look stylish, but the flannel here is thin and cheap, and they ruin the simple lines of these most American staples with the design touches they add.  I don’t need ‘C’ shaped slash pockets.  I don’t need pearl snaps.  I don’t need fold-up sleeves with button plackets to hold them up.  I don’t need extra pleats so it balloons at the bottom.  I don’t need a fake university emblem embroidered on it.  I don’t need a drawstring bottom, or an attached hood.  And why would I want a onesie shirt when I can have separates is beyond me.  Or a onesie hoodie that looks like it has a plaid shirt under it when I can have separates.  How I long for a simple thick wool Pendleton!

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