things I’ve gotten used to

crowded subways

being jostled without apology

repeating everything I say to cabbies and counter people twice

kids saying, “HI TEACHER!” and then giggling

doing the head nod bow to acknowledge people in the hallways

not having a clue what people are talking about and being silent during their conversations – it’s kind of nice, actually, because it frees me of so many social obligations.

eating rice with every meal

3 thoughts on “things I’ve gotten used to

  1. What the heck are you talking about?

    Oh – you mean me taking winding up and attacking that pole??? ha ha ha! I was watching Canada’s top model and they all had to practice that, so I had to see if I could get enough air to do better than they did.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get ANY air and landed on my butt. Very memorable, I’m sure!

  2. hi, willie!

    i agree with the latter. it wasn’t pole dancing. it was an attempt. ;)

    actually, i do think you caught some air.


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