The fixer

I just woke up an hour ago and handled some back-logged emails.  It’s been the pattern the last few days to come home, work on the TRACK website, and fall asleep sitting up and my laptop still running. I wake up after about four hours, work some more, until almost dawn, again fall asleep with my laptop still running, and yet amazingly still wake up ten minutes before the alarm goes off and work some more, leaving myself not enough time to shower or walk the twenty minutes to work.  I now spend more money on cabs than food!

Down on street level, and despite it being midnight I go to buy some mild coffee and the new GS25 employee is out front with two other college-aged boys practicing some footwork for a dance choreography, which reminds me of Karl who would dance anywhere anytime if he had an idea he wanted to work out.

It dawns on me once again, that I am a fixer.  Whether it was the Latin dance community in Seattle, or Korean society’s attitude towards adoption and women’s rights, or websites, or homeless issues, or pretentiousness in building design, or anything on the planet, I am obsessed and driven with fixing things.  Whether I am an un self-actualized artist in a cabin in the wood, or an Architecture student in slum lord housing with a leaky roof, or an English teacher in an officetel, my best moments are when time is lost and I’m so absorbed in my work that I neither eat nor sleep nor bathe. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are – it’s all good if you have a purpose for being.

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