Even better

I moved my furnishings around, did some deep cleaning and I love my apartment now! It is now a very tidy art studio and there is now even MORE space. Now, when I get my rowing machine life will be perfect.

Little things make me happy:

  • Seeing that a laptop cooling stand costs over 40,000 won and that a stainless wire trivet costs 4,000 won, I took the trivet and wrapped the edges with rubber for  traction, and it’s doing a bang-up job.
  • Buying a recycling organizer which uses old plastic shopping bags and can be broken down, so that makes transport to the recycling bins AND when moving much easier.  Only 9,000 won.
  • Finding a place for everything and everything has a place.
  • Realizing I can make a better marionette easier, faster, and cheaper with practically no material costs because everything comes out of the recycling bin.
  • Having slowly acquired almost everything I need to begin.
  • Realizing dictation is a great, great punishment for the undisciplined boys classes.
  • Realizing not caring whether the boys keep up with the girls totally frees me.
  • Realizing I can tell them they won’t be going to the new English Zone when it opens, because they will have to stay in their homerooms taking dictation until they decide they can control themselves.
  • Realizing I can always use the threat of staying in their dreary classroom taking dictation gives me POWER.  Mua ha ha ha ha!
  • Having a great new Korean co-teacher helps a lot!
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