shoop shoop shoop shoop shoop

this Onomonopia came up several times tonight, and it took quite a while for me to figure out it was a helicopter sound and that it meant, “spin.” and it was being referenced to describe how you feel when you’ve had too much to drink…

The crazy cicadas have stopped their mating sounds. I had thought I had heard cicadas in movies and that they sound different, but I guess I was mistaken. The Korean name for these is, mami because their onomonopia for the sound they make is, mam, mam, mam, mam…

Not onomonopia, but Koreans don’t get goose bumps: they get chicken skin.

I had a lot more of these, but after a week of classes by day and makkoli by night, my mind is mush and I just need to sleep, so more later…

One thought on “shoop shoop shoop shoop shoop

  1. French also say chicken skin.

    I never forgot the cidadas made the sound mam, mam, mam. However, I’ve forgotten the cidada is called mami, but now I remember saying mami. We caught one at St. Paul.

    I don’t remember the shoop, shoop, shoop

    I still remember few Koreans onomonopias that were in songs:

    The bird cuckoo is called ppeokkugi (I don’t know how to romanize it). And they made the soud peokkuk, peokkuk, peokkuk.

    The pig is called dwaeji. They make the sound kkeul, kkeul.

    The shoop, shoop, shoop,… is starting to be familiar.

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