Protecting myself

I have spent the last year exposing myself to benefit society.
Like Mr. S., I can say I cared about society but society doesn’t care about me.

I think I am finished.

I can not continue to sit with adoptees and bond through tears.
I can not continue to try and introduce any new ways of thought to people with ears in their fingers.
I can not continue to give and give and give to people who don’t want it.

I must do something that gives back to me.
I must protect some small place for myself.

I no longer care to help Korea.

I am going to do what I have to do and leave at the earliest opportunity.
I refuse to cry about any of this mess ever again.

I now have zero interest in learning Korean.
I am now only in Korea to capitalize on my English skills.

As soon as my bills are paid and my son graduates, I am searching for a new home.

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