When boys cry

Today I asked Seven Star if boys cried all the time when he was growing up. He was initially confused. Then I explained how strange it was for me to see the boys crying at the drop of a hat here in Korea.

He said there is an expression, “A man can only cry three times in his life: when he is born, when his child is born, and when his father dies.”

I figured as much. I am some strange sort of feminist: I want women’s rights, but I celebrate the differences. I want everyone to be able to express themselves. But for God’s sake. Why does being sensitive to others have to mean being a total wuss? (and they’re not sensitive to others) Be a man. Women have to be men all the time. We have to shoulder the weight and responsibility of the world. And you don’t see US crying all the time. We DO WHAT THE FUCK WE HAVE TO DO.

2 thoughts on “When boys cry

  1. What are these boys typically crying about?

    Making noise because they aren’t getting what they want doesn’t work well for my boys, but if they cry because of loss or because they care I understand it. It makes me proud of them.

    I don’t remember children their age having much empathy or compassion. But my seven year old most certainly does. He’s an old soul I think. And will be a very fine man.

  2. Anything and everything. I’m serious.

    A light punch in the arm, friendly horseplay, not having an answer and looking stupid, a bad grade, a broken pencil – you name it – they’ll cry over it.

    Some of these are crocodile tears for the benefit of the coddling teachers, but most of these tears are really because they view everything as traumatic to themselves.

    These boys are the equivalent of sophomores in high school. These little traumas are nothing compared to life in the real world. Their parents dote on them and coddle them and cater to their every discomfort. They’re spoiled. And not with physical things. They’re spoiled as in never having to stretch themselves. As long as they study hard for the exams, they can remain an infant in all other aspects of their life.

    I seriously fear for Korean society should there ever be a need to have the people call upon their own strength of character. In this regard, I think military service for these boys is a WONDERFUL AND WELCOME THING. I’d like to send them all to boot camp right now.

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