No instructions necessary

  • My air conditioner now works – no one told me I have to open louvers to it on the outside of the building.
  • My hand shower now works – no one told me I have to tilt the head of it back until it is straight – ahh, life is beautiful!
  • Somewhat comforting is even the Koreans visiting me couldn’t figure these simple things out, so I don’t feel QUITE as stupid…

    Hand showers, makkoli, and the many wonderful ways Koreans cook seafood make me want to stay.

    How I wish I could remain forever in the superficial world and enjoy this place…

    One thought on “No instructions necessary

    1. Ugh. The maintenance man unlocked my high-tech door and now I can’t lock it again. Just discovered it this morning leaving for school…So I have to go get him again and have him teach me how to lock it again.

      Us foreigners must look like total retards…

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