Searching for Kim Sook Ja

Here are my video comments and updates on the documentary:

Whew!  Glad THAT’s over with!  I can’t count the number of takes I had to do before it said something even close to what I wanted to say.  And my hard drive is almost fulll and kept crashing, and it’s been hotter than hell and I kept having to shut down and put my computer in the refrigerator to continue…

But I hope it helps.  I mean to humanize us adoptees.  We are NOT just whiners.  We have legitimate grievances with these people who brokered our adoptions.  A lot of shady stuff goes into the creation of orphans, EVEN BY THE MOST REPUTABLE ADOPTION AGENCY IN THE WORLD.

Now I must clean up the instructional power point video – Man, adoption reform work is like a second job!

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