2 thoughts on “hard to be queer

  1. “I understand now why so many adoptees come, go, return, go, return again, go, return again, maybe stay, maybe end it all.”

    Yes, oh dear god yes.

    It’s like that analogy in The Lost Daughters of China – misquoted because I haven’t read the quote for at least 2-3 years:

    “I am surrounded in a region of people who don’t look like me at all and yet act just like me, yet half the globe away I know there is a region of people who look just like me but don’t necessarily act like me at all. It gives that contradictory feeling of being at home, yet wondering where home is.”

  2. Interesting person. I echo her sentiments about this area (I live a bit south of San Francisco). I need this much diversity to be happy.

    I had hoped that the struggle of same sex people would have gotten further than it has by now. It takes generations to change these things.

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