Trading Traces

The first time I saw this movie it kind of floored me:  part experimental film / part documentary, the exploration of forced migration and its relationship to colonization of indigenous peoples takes us from a historical mystery involving Peter Paul Rubens, to Denmark’s Tivoli Garden, to Sweden’s huge Korean adoptee population which outnumbers immigrants, to Minnesota, where the largest population of Korean adoptees is concentrated.  It floored me because a) it’s so European  b) it really nails and exposes a core idea of the motivation of people adopting transnationally and transracially c) it made me really appreciate what the Scandinavian Korean adoptees must experience and d) oh – a whole list of intangible things that is the Korean adoptee experience globally, of which I am one.

Click here to view

It is a quick-time video, so give it some time to load.

and you might want to right click on the link and choose

“open link in new tab”

In fact, it might take an hour, so go make a sandwich and take a nap first.

I was so excited to share this with you, I went to Tobias Hubinette and got his permission to share it here, since it’s hard to locate on his website.  And, I accidentally saw it and the film-maker, Jane  Jin Kaisen, while attending a forum at G.O.A.L. last night.   Jane is in Korea while shooting another experimental documentary exploring  the themes of resistence, feminine oppression, and reversal of power.   She will return to California soon to continue her studies.

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