and yet more random things about Korea…

Today I saw a purple car…maybe there IS hope for me after all.

I can’t find my tax forms from last year – I swore I brought them.  I am in such deep doo doo.  I might never be able to come home if I don’t get 2007 resolved, since the government thinks I owe them almost $200,000.00. (I actually lost more than that, but haven’t been able to coordinate the numbers and respond in a timely manner)

I live near a hospital and walk past it everyday.  Hospitals in Korea operate a little differently than in America.   The lounge is outside, in the garden.  It’s not too unusual to see some wayward patient, sneaking off to a convenience store, walking down the sidewalk of a busy road pulling his IV stand with him…I read somewhere that many of the duties that nurses assistants take care of in the states are left up to the family to attend to.

Y told Nine Stones that I want to learn how to cook from his mother-in-law.  He told her I should learn Korean first…  : (  I told her we may both be dead by then…

I wish I didn’t have to teach at summer school.  For the other teachers, there are classes offered.  One of them was wood carving.  I would have liked that.  Sara is moving and I told her to get rid of everything.  But I sure would like to have my pocket knife…

Being here is so alienating sometimes.  Like it would take me years to ever find half the stuff I love in America.  Even the stuff I don’t love.  For example, the glass cook top at my officetel has burnt-on food from the last tenant.  I’ve bought several cleaners and the closest thing to cleanser I could find (a British pot scrubbing product) and used much elbow grease and gone through several scrub pads, but the stuff won’t go away.  All I really need is a disposable razor.  But I can’t find them anywhere.  Even a putty knife might work.  But again, I can’t find one anywhere.  I asked In Kyung about them, and she said she thought she knew what I was talking about but didn’t know where to find one.  And so I have a crusty cook top.  So there you have it – one small item and three months later, I still can’t find it.

Must ask my tutor where her art store is.  Maybe they would have something like that.

My tutor might have to leave soon for NYC.  I will miss her if she goes.  I’m doing so slowly at the language lessons that I might just continue on without lessons and just do self-study.  Maybe if she goes I should just take some crafty cultural class or something.  Or maybe I should just find some knitting supplies and watch Kdramas, like I did before I left the states.  I think I knew more Korean then than I do now…

4 thoughts on “and yet more random things about Korea…

  1. [Y told Nine Stones that I want to learn how to cook from his mother-in-law. He told her I should learn Korean first… : ( I told her we may both be dead by then…]

    I LOL’ed.

  2. the old-fashioned blades in a box?

    btw, I never did find deodorant there, but this weekend I saw TWO advertisements for Korean deodorant! One is of a perfectly white and beautiful (of course) girl leaning back raising her arms over her head, and then a little cartoon pig appears in her underarm and starts stiffing the air…

    unfortunately, that advertisement was for a spray-on. which surprises me, since they are so environmentally conscientious here and also blame the heat on global warming…

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