pay attention to me!

wake me when school is over
wake me when school is over

OK.  So this is hardly a damning photo or even indicative of what it’s like in class, but I took it as just a taste.

The co-teacher was explaining her lesson, and this is the way Korean students listen to their teachers.  I blew up a little and said, “EXCUSE ME – but your TEACHER is talking right now!  That is so DISRESPECTFUL.  You can’t even tell me what she just said, CAN YOU?”

“sorry.”  I hear from one girl.

After the class is silent, I turn to Miss Baek and tell her that now that it’s silent, can she please begin again.  It’s so infuriating how she just puts up with that crap.  Someone’s got to show these students this behavior is unacceptable, so I guess it has to be me.  This is the person who’s supposed to help ME with classroom management…I hear she is just temporary and has a one year contract, so maybe chatting and trying to be best friends with the students, and never yelling at them is her way of buying her way into another contract?

She starts out her class with, “Hello students.  How are you doing today?  Today I want to show you about _____.  Please pay attention to me.”  in the weakest, most monotone voice you can imagine.  Heck, I myself have a hard time dealing with that formality and paying attention…

She’s sweet and all, but policing her lessons makes me truly grumpy…

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