Atypical week

  1. scared the Korean teachers by ranting and muttering about teaching to dead people.
  2. attended two adoptee functions – one to socialize and I had to subject them to a dead person – two attended public forum on adoption where the bio mom’s life being ruined by contact (how often has this happened?) took precedence over adoptees being denied access to basic information about their identity.   (how often has THIS happened?)
  3. read my stupid blogs over a billion times.
  4. Michael Jackson died.
  5. watched an amazing period Korean drama that had lots of spooky spirits.
  6. wrote an article for the school paper on going to school in America.
  7. didn’t have to stand on the subway.
  8. posted answers on Y!A about adoption.
  9. only ate ice cream once twice three times.
  10. nobody showed up for my evening class.

2 thoughts on “Atypical week

  1. This is hilarious! ive been wondering where youve been hiding, since you havent been blogging much. so how are you going to celebrate america’s birthday on saturday? you should come to bundang for at least a little bit! you know you want a tan to show off at school

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