Today’s theory

Someone from Wonju added Kim Sook Ja to my document because they knew we were siblings and it would be easier and less paperwork.

Then, someone else at Holt didn’t like that because it made us harder to adopt as siblings, so they attempted to distance our relationship by changing my birth date, but that’s all they could do because the mayor’s stamp was already on the two for one document.

ADDED:  I don’t know why they gave us different family names.  Maybe those are our names.  Maybe we’re half siblings.  There are many stories where grandmas end up taking care of their daughter’s children of different fathers, or of women forced to give up their children by other men when remarrying.  Anyway, there are many scenarios that can explain two half siblings.

7 thoughts on “Today’s theory

  1. Come to think of it that seems almost common. Anecdotally.

    My sons are half-siblings.

  2. The more I think about it, this is the most likely theory. Tell me, did your sons have different family names?

  3. Do you know if they usually made separate orphan hojuk for siblings?

    Its written 가칭 (provisional name) for both of you, so I think they gave you different names on purpose to make it harder for you to find your family because they didn’t want you to discover the truth (their lies).

    Had I been younger then, they would have also changed my name. But they asked my birthdate only to change it by few months (from April 8th to November 20th). I think they didn’t change it by exactly one year because dates can be easily forgotten. When I first read my documents, I told my parents my birthdate was August 13th (remark in Korean, it would be 8th month and my actual birthdate is on 8th date).

    They made up names, birthdates, birthplaces and whatever they could. Only the children who were brought to them by their mother/father and legally relinquished have their documents clear (and even then…)

  4. I understand 100% how you come to make different theories and imagine possible scenarios to explain what happened.

    I also have imagined different scenarios to explain the lies and the lack of information in my documents after I read my documents the first time (at 11 y.o).

    My scenarios were different than yours because for me the bad people were my siblings, and not Holt.

    I didn’t think Holt or St. Paul’s orphanage were responsible (probably because Holt/adoption agency was something too abstract for me then and the orphanage people treated me well during my stay there).

    In one of my possible scenarios, I thought St.Paul went to see my elder sister as they promised me, and that my sister told them to write I had no family. The other scenario was that they didn’t find her.
    In all my theories, I knew that people (Holt/St.Paul) purposely lied about me and didn’t write the informations I gave them, but for me the people who lied meant Koreans. It was less painful for me to believe that I was rejected by my siblings than to believe I was rejected by a whole nation.

    I believed Holt to be good guys even after learning they actually never searched my family because of their “good works” at Ilsan Center that I visited during the Family Tour. It’s only when I went back there that I realized Ilsan Center was only a façade to make them appear like Saints to bring more money and sell more children.

    i hate holt

  5. Yes, my sons have different family names. I believe this would be the case with different fathers.

    I don’t really know where their names come from, ie who decided them. And if those are the family name of their fathers or just something a bureaucrat pulled out of his hat.

  6. Yeah, I’ve been playing out so many scenarios, and it’s the only explanation I can think of for two different family names.

    Do your boys have different family names?

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