I haven’t spoken about the weather

It was 30 degrees celcius when I got home. That’s 86 degrees, and it’s only mid June.

The air conditioner has been on for half an hour, and it hasn’t gone down even one degree inside, though it IS nice laying on the floor directly under the blower.   Me.  Using an air conditioner.  Never thought I’d see the day, as I hate them.


Okay, now it’s 26 degrees  celcius (78.8 degrees fahrenheit) and only 52% humidity, and I want to peel my skin off…how the hell am I going to manage in August?

I asked my tutor about the weather during the summer, and she basically started laughing at me and said, “You are gonna DIE!”  (mua, ha ha)  I asked Young-a about it today, and she said that most of the time it is the same temperature as the human body.  WHAT?  98.6 degrees?  yes.  OMG!

The crazy-making thing about this for me is everyone is going around here with two layers of shirts:  t-shirt over tank top, cotton shirt over t-shirt, sweater over sundress.  I asked my tutor again for still more details about WHY people, especially women, are expected to wear sleeves when it’s so hot.

First, there’s the fear of cleavage problem.  Second, there’s the possibility of bra straps being exposed (the nurse at school said men’s imaginations were too strong, and to see a bra strap would get them to imagining bare breasts) and then Third, my tutor said that it wasn’t hot enough yet.  Basically, the thinking is that if it’s going to get 10-20 degrees hotter, then if you’re down to tank tops now, what are you gonna do in August when it’s really hot?

I have no idea.  I’m going to die, that’s what.  I can’t wear a short skirt or shorts because I’m a teacher.  I have two sundresses, but I have to wear a tank top over them so they don’t look slutty, and now I have purchased several shrugs so my too sexy shoulders aren’t bare.  That’s three layers on top of underware.  I’ll be waiting and watching and hoping and praying there is some skin exposed soon, and at that moment I am going to go out of control.  I just know it. And the minister will have a sermon about me, like I guess he did last week about the evils of short skirts…

After sending over half my money home for bills there’s not much left, but regardless, I have been buying a couple clothing items every week after my Korean lesson.  I search the planet for tissue thin items that can be layered.  Coming to Korea, I thought I would become a fashionista, (as much as one can at my age and stature) but because I don’t like frilly things or monkey suits, I now search only for the most comfortable things I can find.

And even though everyone here is OBSESSED with weight and health, I think I’m packing on a few more pounds, as I hit the convenience store freezer for cold drinks and ice cream every day when I walk home – which is where I stay, as inactive as possible, so as not to work up a sweat.

2 thoughts on “I haven’t spoken about the weather

  1. It’s been 28-34 degrees over here.

    In fact I barely got over 3 hours of sleep (a first!) last night because of the heat. @_@

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