Happy Hour

HH doesnt’ really exist in Korea, and neither does a yummy cocktail.

Undeterred, I was at Boemgye Station in Anyang, searching for a nice thank you card to send Nine Stones’ in-laws in Andong, when my ears were delighted with some nice Bossa Nova music.  I walked in circles in the area where I heard the music and finally determined its location, on the forth floor of a building.  Happilly, it was in a REAL COCKTAIL BAR.  I looked at the prices and my brain nearly exploded, but I figured it would be worth it, since I rarely ever drink or go out, and I haven’t had a real cocktail in about half a year. I walked in, the place was nice, yet I was the only customer there.  Of course, not ten minutes after I arrived the music was changed to some 80’s Korean pop covers…ugh…

Everything I ordered, something was missing and I had to go back to ground zero again.  Finally, I just ordered a cosmopolitan, thinking of course they would have all those ingredients.  Let me tell you, it was just a vodka cran with only about a half a shot of vodka.  Disappointed, I ordered a shot of Jaimeson, but they were out, so I had a shot of rum instead.  Much cheaper, and much better than the “cocktail.”

What the hell, too shy to scream out, “Yogio!” when the bartender was eating with three other workers, I finally had to get up and go to his table to order some food.  I ordered nachos, and this is what I got:

Not bad looking, if you like cheese whiz, and what’s that underneath all the sour cream?

Tuna.  Canned tuna.

It was surprisingly good, the combination of tuna and jalapeno, but hardly worth the price.

Sooo, my longing for a happy hour was sadly disappointing, and I spent the equivalent of three or four meals for the above.  So I guess I must just learn to like watery beer, stomach eating soju, or makoli (rice wine).  The rice wine’s not bad, though, so I think when and if I ever get the hankering for a beverage, that’s what it will be.

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