How to watch #4709 Who Am I?

The documentary can be seen at THIS LINK

You MUST be on a PC, as none of the streaming Korean programs like Macs…

Before watching, you must take the following steps .  (sorry it’s so involved)

  1. at the above link page, click on this button that looks like this:   (to the right of the image and episode title)
  2. run the little media interface program after it downloads
  3. a pop-up window will appear.
  4. click “I agree” to the two terms of service areas, and then click on “foreigner in overseas” or “foreigner in domestic.”
  5. fill out all of the information they ask of you

At this point, I’m not sure if it starts streaming the episode or re-directs you back to the original  link so you can watch.  If it does, you might have to click on the button that looks like this: 

which is the watch for free button.


Unfortunately, I can’t watch it because I clicked on “foreigner in domestic” and when it got to my email address, gmail was not an option for me, so I have to figure out how to get a Korean email address, if that’s possible.  I tried to change to “foreigner in overseas” but it knew my dns was in Korea…Also, my version of Windows on my Mac Parallels does not have the Korean language pack installed, and my OS CD is in America…

SBS will be sending me the CD in about a week, so I can send friends and family a hard copy upon request.  The show will be transcribed and subtitled in English within two months for the adoptee community.

I was somewhat ambivalent about my portrayal, but people here assure me that the show was presented in exactly the best way for Korea to empathize and understand how international adoption violates our basic civil rights.

The machine translation of the text on that link page indicates that they did portray the problem with intelligence and sensitivity so I look forward to reading the transcribed subtitles.

Stick with it trying to register and log on!  It took me several tries to figure it out…

ADDED:  if the little media program you downloaded loads correctly, THAT is what shows up as a pop-up.  If the instructions during the loading process show Korean on the buttons, know that (N) stands for “nae,” which means yes, and the button with the (A) stands for “annio,” which means no, and keep hitting whatever choice is highlighted after that.  When you are finished, there will be a little media player on your desktop.

As for the rest of the registration process, it will open in a new window that looks the same as the blue button.  If anyone is able to make it through and actually log on, please share it with another frustrated foreigner friend or family of mine!  Thanks!

Or wait until next month when and if I can get the English translated version…

6 thoughts on “How to watch #4709 Who Am I?

  1. i tried again and again, and it doesn’t work. When I try to login, it says my ID is not registered, but when I try to sign up again, it says my ID is not available (the first time, I signed, it was available).

  2. that sounds to me like you chose a user-name that you successfully registered somehow, so when you re-tried it was noted as taken.

    try it again with a new user name? I think when I tried, I noticed that it was strange they called the user name “ID.”

    their registration system is really, really irritating…and I’m really sorry!

  3. Any way we could get some ID and password sharing going on with people who could successfully watch this?

  4. exactly! if just one person manages to get through, could they share please?

  5. I signed up again using a different username.

    It took me few tries before getting a username which wasn’t already in use.
    “kimette” was already taken. “grr” was already taken… My family name wasn’t taken but I wanted to find something else, so I continued…

    I won’t tell you which other word I tried, it wouldn’t be nice here, but it was already taken too!

    It was frustrating but funny at the end.

    At least, this time, I got semething else that I didn’t get before. It says I have to wait the confirmation by email, it can take 24 hours.

  6. awesome! I hope it works!

    Just be forewarned, I understand from others that the narration is actually much more compelling than the dramatizations will lead the English speakers to believe. So I’m looking forward to the English subtitles when they are finished.

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