Miracles do happen

So today at lunch, I asked Miss Baek which of us was going to do next week’s lesson plan, and she said she would do it.  She looked so happy and I was also in a good mood and actually looking forward to the break.

But then today at our last class together, which I taught, I had an idea of having a contest for whichever group could keep a conversation going the longest, and she got really excited.  She told me she could tell the kids were really enjoying themselves during the conversation time, and that she liked my method better because it provided more time for the kids to actually practice speaking.  And then she offered that maybe we should keep on doing my method and did I want to do the lesson plan next week.

I told her that what I really need help with is coming up with more helpful tools for the kids and a steady stream of interesting topics for their level.  I also told her that if we could just keep on working on conversation skills, that by the time the open classroom came around, we could let the kids themselves wow the other teachers and the school district, because the speaking would be coming from themselves and they would really be communicating and expressing their own opinions.

Ahhh…so that is actually a relief.  She’s on board with the program, and lately has been very helpful with the classroom management.  So finally I have a co-teacher.  I mean, REALLY have a co-teacher.

Now to work on Mr. Lee…

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