Korea Sparkling

For those of you in America reading this, “Korea Sparkling” is the slogan chosen by the tourism board to promote Korean tourism.  The English teachers all find this humorous, but when I try to think about it, I can’t come up with a better slogan, even if I do change the word order. Resolute, enduring, and stubborn come to mind, and while those words are complimentary in my estimation, they might not be for tourists.

Anyway, I’m adding some of my favorite photos now, and I’ll attribute them later when I get some time…

4 thoughts on “Korea Sparkling

  1. Beautiful, Simple, Serene. Whats in those bags..are they daikon..?Koreans always have those big giant daikon.:)Corn?

  2. That’s corn in those bags, Erin! Maybe it’s for seed.

    Koreans love corn, (and they put it on weird things like pizza) but where we were they weren’t growing much of it. I did notice it planted in unusual places, like at the edges of garden plots. Maybe they use it as a shading device? It is May and already beastly hot. Yeah, I’m thinking that way they can plant something besides peppers and tomatoes that way.

    and the other dried stuff hanging in the other photo is some kind of greens that they put into soup, similar to collard greens.

  3. The raised floors are wooden planks.

    Interior rooms are covered by heavy oiled paper. Similar to blotter desk pads in weight (for those of you old enough to remember those) I do not know if there are wood planks beneath, or if the paper is sitting directly on the ondol flues…next time I am in a traditional hanoak, I will ask.

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